Messages de nos clients satisfait

We live in Hawaii but got married in Montreal. Planning a wedding remotely is quite challenging. Johnny made the process so easy! We carried out all our business over Skype and was available whenever needed. He was reassuring, helpful and professional. He listened carefully to what we wanted and needed. We wanted a big party and we got one! Our DJ, was great at reading the room and keeping the party vibe from the beginning to the end. Words cannot express how happy we were with That's Amore Productions. They surpassed every single expectation we had.
Michelle & Ryan
Hi Johnny, We wanted to thank you and your Dj for the wonderful celebration! Everything was perfect! the music the hosting and the games. The Dj came over and asked if all was to our liking and if we were enjoying the evening. It was all perfect! We have had nothing but great compliments from our family and guest. They all had a wonderful time!!! We even have a friend that knew the DJ Guy and he said we had a great DJ even before the evening started! Thanks again for all your help in making out special all that more perfect! We will defiantly recommend you to our friends and family!
Terry Lynn & Jean-Francois
We would like to thank That's amore productions for making our wedding night so much fun!! The music was very important to us and we must say Pablo did an amazing job! He respected all our demands and the entertainment was great! We wanted to see everyone dance and have lots of fun and that's what happened. Our friends and family kept on telling us how good the D.J was. We will definitely recommend That's amore!
Angelica and Jonathan
Hello Johnny Just wanted to say Thank you and Fabrizio for making our wedding such a great party... We danced all night was awesome... We love Fabrizio! We r in Miami enjoying the beach. Take care
Sophie & Enzo
Wow! We can't thank Johnny from That's Amore Productions enough from making sure that the biggest night of our lives would be meticulously taken care of from start to finish. Having a mixed Vietnamese and Quebecois wedding, we had 2 different cultures to integrate, and it was done marvelously. Johnny listens to our demands and suggestions thoroughly, and brings up his own ideas to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Even months after our wedding, our guests still talk about how fantastic the entertainment and the music was. They all say it was the greatest wedding they ever went to, and a big part of it is thanks to the amazing care, attention, and professionalism from That's Amore Productions! We guarantee that you will have the night of your life, because we sure did!
Anne Sophie et David
YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING! I want to thank you so very much on how accomodating you were and how comfortable you made us and me feel. I will SERIOUSLY recommend you to ANYONE I can. If you are ever in NYC don't be a stranger, would love to grab coffee. Thank you, thank you, you really spearheaded the wedding event details. Thanks again,
Catherine & Nethanel
Thank you for being flexible and incorporating both your suggestions and our requests, wishes and instructions together for a very fun evening that all of our guests enjoyed. We were able to plan things with your intelligent wedding planner well before our event with you, it all worked well as planned, and we were very satisfied with your services. We are very pleased with the party we had received many positive comments from our guests about the music, the games/animation and the MCing. Thanks again!
Jennifer & Shawn
We received dozens of our guests asking us who our DJ and company was - because they were all so impressed by his amazing skills! From his animation, to his music, to respecting our schedule and making an incredible flow to our evening - it was just all perfect. He had the party going from the very moment we entered our room! His animation was just incredible. The props were amazing too - hats, sunglasses, glow sticks being thrown into the dance floor, etc. The photo booth was another enormous hit. Johnny took all the time and effort necessary to get the layout, background etc. perfect for us. We had such a great crowd, a beautiful wedding, and it would not have been what it was without the involvement, time and dedication of That's Amore productions! It if obvious that this team takes a lot of pride in their work, that they really do care, and this was all very evident on our wedding night. We would highly recommend Johnny & That's Amore Productions to anyone !
Laura + Emmanuel
Johnny! Again we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you played the biggest role in our wedding planning since day one when we first met.. and having you there was beyond anything I could've ever dreamed of.. because of you our night was a huge success.. and if I had to pay a thousand dollars extra to have you at an event again I would.. worth every penny.. even just as a guest.. you became family to us.. we truly love you.
Claudia & Michael
Dès que That’s Amore nous a accueilli a leur bureau jusqu’à la dernière minute du party nous nous sommes senti rassures! par leur professionnalisme, excellente animation, musique et dance. De plus même si nos invités venaient de partout, That’s Amore nous a fait voyager de pays en pays avec leur banque de musique du monde. Nous nous sommes sentis en grande famille. Merci That’s Amore sincèrement…. On compte sur vous pour fêter notre anniversaire. Merci pour faire notre soirée inoubliable.
Vanya et Patricio
Hi Johnny, Thank you so much again for everything on the Wedding Day. We had a wonderful time and thought that you did a great job. We are taking the time to put in a good review and we will definitely be recommending you to anyone that asks in the future 🙂 Thank you again!!! All the best to you,
Lara and Joe
Bonjour Johnny, Nous tenions à vous remercier . Ce fut une superbe soirée mariage! Dj Paul étant une personne extremement sympathique et ouverte d'esprit, il a vraiment contribué à la reussite de notre fete! Nous avons été definitivement très chanceux de tomber sur vous! Mille mercis!
Wassila et Wanis
We highly recommend Thats Amore Productions without a doubt. Johnny demonstrated his professionalism and devotion from the first moment we met with him. We instantly felt comfortable hiring his services for the special day. Johnny was extremely meticulous in his preparation for our wedding, going over the game plan with the other parties involved. On game day he impressed us and our guests with his professionalism and preparation. Needless to say we all had a great time and many of my guests stated it was the best wedding they had attended. The services of Thats Amore played a pivotal role in this wonderful event. Thank you so much!!!
Shanit and Adam
DJ/Animator Guy did an absolutely amazing job at our wedding! He got everyone up on their feet dancing with animated games and props. His playlist was great and respected our requests. We could not have asked for better service and would recommend That's Amore Productions to anyone looking for a DJ for their wedding. Well worth the price!
Mirian & Dan
Thank you George & Johnny for your wonderful service at our wedding. Everyone in the family was exceptionally pleased at the balance of music you played. As you are aware, for us, we wanted to ensure that both cultures Italian & Greek would be represented and embraced, since our lives now will embrace and mix our two cultures together. You were able to make this happen for us. By the way, looking forward to see the pictures you took!! Many thanks again…
Sonia & George
Nello and I were VERY satisfied of the service provided by That's Amore.George and Pasquale were very nice and professional. I appreciated the fact that they listened to our guests about song selections. They were also very organized, they followed our instructions .They had the right balance of enthusiasm and animation , I especially liked the particularity they had for the song : That's Amore by Dean Martin. (cheers with our guests) I would recommend your entertainment company to anyone. Thank you
Maria & Nello
The goal of our reception was to have a wonderful party with family and friends. We hoped to achieve this by having good food, wine, and entertainment. While there were times when the food and wine left us with some trepidation, we have never had any reservations about the entertainment. The evening exceeded our elevated expectations. Our guests were thrilled by your performance, many complimenting not only the music you played, but particularly your friendliness, sense of humor, and overall compassion for your bride and groom. Everyone wanted to know if you were a close friend from the other side of the family, because the interaction was always present and flowing smoothly. You care in a way that only family or close friends ever do. All we can say is thank you, and that we could never say enough. Thank you for a perfect night.
Johanne & Daniel
Hi Johnny, We and all our guests had an amazing time. The music & the animation from the guys was EXCELLENT. I've had nothing but great feedback from all the guests, which was very important for us. The fact that we hired an entertainment group from Montreal, did not make me nervous at all! I just knew that it would turn out to be fabulous, and it did! Thanks so much for all your effort and extra attention you put into making it such a memorable night!! Job well done!! Kudos to your team. All the best,
Rana & Mike (Ottawa)
We were very pleased by the fact that Fabio was able to accommodate and incorporate all our needs at our wedding as well as to add special presentations into his routine. I might also add that we got married on a Sunday and Fabio had worked a party the previous evening. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with his performance and interaction with my guests; his games were moments of great joy. And I would recommend That's Amore Productions and DJ Fabio to anyone who wishes to hire professional entertainment for their respective event. Sincerely,
Franco & Tanya
Great time! Our guests really enjoyed themselves, from what I did witness and heard, it was great! The evening flew by, our guests danced the night away and I received only wonderful feedback. Thank you so much for making a fantastic contribution to our wedding. You were so helpful, and made our lives a lot easier with your advanced planner. Also, the pictures Marco took were spectacular & greatly appreciated your quality of Entertainment & Photo Services are #1.
Annie & Keith
People have grown to expect a certain standard from an entertainment company… So my praise for That's Amore Productions is in the constant attention to the bride and groom's requirements and wants. Johnny did a fantastic job in keeping in contact with us throughout the whole night and planning with us before the event as well. Every couple strives to make their wedding a huge hit and to make sure that everything, down to the last minute detail is perfect. It is this sort of attitude adopted by That's Amore Productions as well that made their work so exceptional. In many ways, music and entertainment is a major part of the wedding. It makes or breaks the party and it also sets the stage for interaction between people and more importantly between the two, newly united, families. As a couple, Conny and I had a certain vision of what our families would enjoy, and That's Amore Productions delivered on that vision. I would recommend That's Amore Productions to any couple who want a respectful, lively, fun, competitively priced and well balanced DJ service tailored to their exact needs. The equipment and lighting is certainly up to par so all the ingredients are in place for a great night. That's Amore Productions did well in helping make our wedding day memorable and special, not only for us but all those who came. Thank you so much
Connie & Anthony
Thank you for your professionalism and for the excellent entertainment. Just want to let you know that we are very glad we had you at our wedding because we went to 2 other weddings since ours, and you are the best! Lots of good comments from friends and family. We had a blast! Johnny, thanks again for this memorable night. . . You handled the situation like a king! Once again, thank you very much
Monica & Soleng
Éric a bien animé la soirée. Il a été à l'écoute des demandes spéciales. Les gens ont beaucoup apprécié son animation durant le souper (choix des jeux). Il était vraiment professionnel. Nous sommes bien contents de son travail. Durant la danse, il a essayé de plaire à tous les gens en variant la musique. J'ai bien aimé qu'il nous contacte avant le mariage. Je crois que c'est important de parler à son DJ avant afin de pouvoir avoir plus d'informations concernant le déroulement de la soirée. Nous ne regrettons pas de vous avoir fait confiance. Merci pour tout! Notre mariage a été une journée mémorable, en grande partie, à cause de vous. Merci encore!
Guylaine et Martin
Eusebio was really great!! He played everything we & the guests requested and he was a lot of fun and respectful. I would definitely recommend him & That’s Amore Productions to other bride’s & groom’s to be. Some of the guests came up to me and asked about the Brazilian dancers. Well, everyone loved them!! They wanted to reserve them also, I told them to contact you. Many Thanks
Andreia & Alexandros
We had a fabulous time at our wedding and so did our guests. We had many guests from out of town because Jared's family is from the USA. All the Americans said that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. They said the entertainment was excellent and a blast! We thank you very much for your professionalism and most of all helping our day to be exactly what we had always dreamt it would be. Keep up the excellent work! Many thanks again
Ashley & Jared
The addition of some International flavors complete with an explanation of how to dance to it, such as Greek added to the party shows the talent and good creativity of your DJs. Great Job!
Sean & Emmanuelle
Johnny, you did an exceptional job and took very good care of us! I would most definitely recommend That's Amore Productions, and I have. Thanks again Johnny - I have no words! You gave us the best party we could ask for. Even when the place cleared out, we still had party crashers from the other wedding come in and the party kept going on!!!
Barbara & Pierre
I would like to congratulate you and your professionalism in maintaining interest among the guests through the meal period by question game plays and an unmatched, constant action, throughout the dancing period. There was never a dull moment. Regards
Ron Klostermann, Father of the Groom
Nous avons énormément apprécié notre mariage en grande partie à cause de votre contribution. Nous sommes entièrement satisfaits avec le déroulement de toute la soirée et les initiatives que votre Dj a su apporter à notre mariage. Il a provoqué un rayonnement total de tous nos invités sans exception. Nous avons eu que des commentaires joyeux et nous allons vous recommander sans hésiter à tous les autres futurs mariés. Merci
Indira & Patrice
Simplement pour vous remercier pour votre excellent travail hier soir. Nous avons vraiment extrêmement apprécié travailler avec vous. Vous êtes une personne très disponible et coopérative. Vous avez sans aucun doute contribué au succès de cette soirée. Merci encore,
Lorie & Francis
Thank you so much for your services, everyone only has good comments to say about the reception… we loved the music selection and Scott's mom absolutely loved all the Twist hits! Great job, we will recommend That's Amore Productions & Fabio to anyone who needs a dj!
Trish and Scott
Hi Johnny ! We’re back from our honeymoon and back to work ! We just wanted to thank you so very much for being so great at our wedding! You and Mike had our guests (and us) dancing all night long! You even managed to get people who don’t like to dance to party and even our grandparents showed off some moves! We put our trust in you from the first time we met you and you didn’t let us down. Your planner was very useful and you respected all of our requests – our guests keep complimenting us on our choice of dj and we have nothing but good things to say about That’s Amore. Not only were you a great dj but you were genuinely excited for us from the moment we met until the closing song (we can’t believe how many guests were still partying at 2:30 in the morning!) You made us feel as if we were your most important clients, making time for us and always checking on how we were doing, so that on our wedding day you were not only our dj but one of our guests – one that was a great entertainer ! Thanks for everything!
Careen and Ben
Salvatore et moi nous nous sommes mariés au vieux port de montréal. Nous tenons à vous remercier pour l'excellent travail que votre équipe de Dj Euzebio & Emanuel (italien et portugais) Les deux Dj ont été formidable et je les remercier infiniment de leur patience. Mon mari et moi, avons adorés les danseuses brésiliennes, elles étaient incroyables, super costumes. Merci pour tout!
Caty et Salvatore
Bonjour Johnny Je me suis mariée le 6 septembre au Club de Golf Métropolitain. Notre DJ était Éric. Je tenais à souligner son travail. Il a été professionnel, à l'écoute du mouvement de la salle et a su faire preuve de discrétion. Le choix des chansons était excellent. De plus, je dois dire qu'il est difficile de satisfaire mon père et je dois dire qu'il a eu que des compliments pour le DJ. Il a apprécié, comme plusieurs invités, le fait qu'il était possible de discuter pendant le repas et de s'entendre malgré la musique (qui ajoutait un bel ambiance). Merci pour tout.
Julie et Liem
Thanks for making our evening such a great sucess! Even my 87 year old grandmother spent the evening on the dance floor! The most dependable and professional vendor involved in our wedding ... 100% recommended. Johnny is the warmest and most sincere guy your can ask for. Thank you
Deejay and Madeleine
I just wanted to take a moment to thank-you for the music, entertainment and general wedding planning that you provided to make our wedding day such a success. DJ Santino was excellent! Many comments such as I would request a song and it was the next one played He worked with the crowd & knew when to pick up the tempo, and probably wished that he had not done such a great job, as no one wanted to leave! That's Amore Productions was everything that you advertised, very Professional from beginning to end. Best of all, you made us proud for having chosen you. Thanks Again
Sarah & Chris
J'ai adoré la sélection musicale! Les autres invités de l'hotel qui prenaient un verre dans le lounge dansaient et m'ont même fait part du talent du Dj choisi. Je crois que la participation de tout le monde a été grace aux choix musicaux adaptés au groupe. En conclusion, je suis très satisafite du serfvice reçu. J'ai été émerveillée par le service chaleureux et la prise en charge exceptionnelle que vous offrez. Je ne suis aucunement déçu du déroulement de la soirée et je suis très heureuse de vous avoir choisi parmi tant d'autre. Je vous ai fait confiance et je ne le regrette aucunement! On vous remercie énormément une fois de plus, Au plaisir,
Stefani & Rejean
Superb! They worked with us to provide our guests with the perfect melange of music, entertainment and coordination for the day. My husband and I come from two different backgrounds, he is Algerian (Arab/ French ) and I am Pakistani (Urdu/ English), we needed a DJ who understood our unique needs and could bring our families together with the international language of music, as they could not really communicate due to language barriers. That's Amore Production did not only do this without a glitch but also took care of time managing the reception completely. They also have the largest selection of international music I've ever seen ...5 stars all the way.
Aisha & Farid
Nous avons été entièrement satisfaits. L'animateur (Johnny) est hors pair. Nos invités nous ont aussi donnés de très bons commentaires. Merci beaucoup CE FÛT UN SUCCES !!!
Christian et France
Johnny, many thanks for everything. I know that we were very demanding, but I would like to say that you personally met every single one of our expectations. You made the day amazing from start to finish. You are very customer focused, you know what it takes and provide an excellent service. You really made the day fabulous for us! So many great memories. I have already recommended you to some people getting married soon and searching for a DJ. Johnny thank you for being our DJ and making our special day a fantastic one! If ever you need anything please do not hesitate if we can be of any help!
Ken & Josée Nadine
We would recommend That’s Amore Productions without hesitation. The entire evening went perfectly and even better than our expectations. Eric was very professional and his animation really made the night. Upon our arrival Eric took the time to meet us and after only a short discussion was able to customize the night to what we wanted. Eric & Johnny BRAVO! You really came through with what you promised. Thank you
Melissa & Jason
We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did at our wedding. The animation and interaction with our guests was perfect and somehow you managed to get members of our families to dance that in any other situation would not step a foot on a dance floor. You really made it a very special night for us and we would gladly recommend you to anyone in need of a DJ. Thank you so much again,
Rebecca & Thomas
Salut Johnny Nous voulons te dire que Emanuel a été au-dessus de nos espérances. Tous nos invités ont été envoutés par sa musique. Il a été capable de faire danser tout le monde en partant des enfants à mon oncle de 72 ans. De plus, l'illusionniste ainsi que les danseuses brésiliennes ont été parfaits et vraiment appréciés de tous. Nous sommes très contents de t'avoir fait confiance et Emmanuel a été un choix gagnant pour nous !!! Merci à vous deux
Caroline et Michel
Cher Pierre, le succès de notre mariage reposait en grande partie sur tes épaules et Dieu sait combien heureuse je suis d’avoir choisi That’s Amore!!! Johnny savait que j’étais un peu particulière et a su me donner son meilleur MC/DJ ! Tout au long de cette soirée magique tu as su jouer mes musiques demandées et même plus, au delà de mes rêves!!! La piste de danse ne se vidait jamais…tout le monde étaient tellement heureux! Un gros merci pour tes belles attentions et ta belle personnalité, j’espère que tu as su voir dans mes yeux combien j’étais fière de toi. Bonne continuité et meilleur succès dans ton travail. Au plaisir de se revoir! Affection,
Elise et Yves Bouchard
When we first began our journey to plan our wedding and choose the people that we would work with, I have to say that I am glad that we chose That's Amore! to provide our DJ Services. With all the uncertainty and the deceptions that we encountered while planning the wedding - Johnny was the one person we knew would be there and would help us in anyway he could. This experience continued with the DJ - Zeb. He immediately put my mind at ease regarding the music and what needed to happen. He was able to get everyone on the dance floor - which is quite an accomplishment with our family. He was personable and entertaining, and by far was the most amazing person that we have had the pleasure of working with on the day of our wedding. Thank you for everything!
Laura & Chris
Johnny, You promised us a perfect night, a reception that we would, or more importantly, that our guests would remember and you were 100% right… What a night is was ! The music was perfect, the animation and the timing throughout the evening as well. Muriel and I are very grateful to you and Mike for making that evening nothing less than memorable. That's Amore Productions made our special day extraordinary ! Please be assured that we will recommend you and would not hesitate to use your services for another event. Thank you ! Merci Beaucoup ! Molto Grazie !
Bruno & Muriel
Hi Johnny, Just wanted to thank-you for all your hard work last night. You helped in making our day and night soooo special. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had lots of nice things to say about you. We will be referring people to you in the future. Giacomo and I enjoyed ourselves very much- and we can't thank-you enough. You are a great entertainer with a heart of gold. Thank-you!
Shari & Giacomo
The night was full of energy and very entertaining. The feedback I'm getting from my guest was that Dj Fabio was awsome and they had the best time.Fabio played the songs I requested, the games were fun , he was able to get almost all guest to participate to the games and that says alot! He came to see us a couple of times at our table to make sure the volume was correct and if we were happy. He was able to adapt to the guests demands (like to sing along on the mic to a couple of songs, with our concent of course). Fabio was professionnal at all times and I would recommend That's Amore Productions to everyone I know! Thank you for making our wedding a fairytale come true!
Stephanie & Michael
We had the best DJ in the world! This company is friendly, professional, and dedicated to their clients. They listen to what you want and they help plan the events of the day so that the wedding couple is stress free. Johnny is talented and terrific. The party was amazing and the music selection was perfect. Johnny does not treat his clients as a business transaction, he welcomed us into his home and became more of a valued guest at our wedding than our DJ. We can't wait for That's Amore Productions to be part of our future celebrations. This company also did our wedding video and captured the best parts of our day. No one has seen a video like ours and we receive great feedback when we show it.
Melissa & Elad